Allergens & Important Food Information

Here at Butter & Cream, we strive to create the very best, highest quality ice creams and baked goods we can! We use organic ingredients wherever possible. Everything is carefully produced in a kitchen that handles peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, and eggs.


Our dairy is locally sourced, all natural, and contains no artificial growth hormones including rBST.


Our ice cream is custard based and contains dairy and eggs.


We use only cane sugar and glucose in our products. We do not use high fructose corn syrup ever.


All of our ice creams and sorbets are gluten free unless otherwise specifically noted. You’ll find a “G” listed next to any flavors that contain gluten. Our sugar cones and baked goods also contain gluten; however, we do offer several gluten-free options including sugar cones and a gluten-free cookie. We use only unbleached, unbromated flour.


A few of our ice cream flavors and baked goods contain nuts, but most do not. You will find an “N” listed next to any ice cream or sorbet that includes nuts. However, while we do take every precaution to prevent cross-contamination, we do use shared equipment and offer peanuts and tree nuts as a topping.


All of our sugar cones, waffle cones, chocolate products, and sprinkles contain soy lecithin as an emulsifier or as an ingredient.


We use extracts that are alcohol based including our various vanillas. Our alcohol flavored desserts are reduced significantly and used in a culinary capacity only.


We love your dogs almost as much as you do and many of our staff have their own four-legged best friends, so we take dogs seriously! All of our dog treats and pup cups are 100% free of xylitol and caffeine. We use natural peanut butter, eggs, whole wheat flour, Greek yogurt, pumpkin, and bananas.

Plant-based diets

Our plant-based, non-dairy frozen desserts deliver a rich, creamy taste that satisfies without compromise. We use a fabamilk base so it is free of most allergens. All of our sorbets are completely vegan as well. Unless otherwise noted, everything we produce is suitable for ovo-lacto-vegetarians. Our sprinkles use confectioner’s glaze which contains shellac.

Artificial Colors and Flavors

Unless otherwise noted, we do not use artificial colors or flavors in our house-made products. Our sprinkles contain artificial colors and dyes. We do not use cochineal or cochineal products.