Cashew Crème Brûlée

Sweet and creamy, with caramelized cashews for the perfect crunch. A Butter and Cream original. (N)


A delicious twist on the classic brunch favorite with fresh squeezed orange juice and prosecco. (V)

Fruit and Granola Parfait

Lightly tart buttermilk ice cream with gluten free granola, pecans, pepitas, and a strawberry fruit swirl. (N)

Sunday Brunch

Coffee and maple ice cream with hints of chocolate, bourbon, caramel, and vanilla.

Sweet Cream Brownie

A sweet cream ice cream with chunks of our house made brownies throughout. (G)

Persian Rose

Saffron ice cream with rosewater and toasted pistachios (N)

Orange Dream

Orange curd, lemon curd, and vanilla come together to make this creamy orange treat!